Q... What is an IDTF, and why do you need one to do a pulse oximetry test?

A... An Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) like AAA Medical Solutions is essential to both primary care physicians and DME providers when delivering pulse oximetry equipment and test results to all parties. (Learn more about the testing process.) DME providers should choose a Medicare-enrolled IDTF with around-the-clock beneficiary support like AAA Medical Solutions.

Q... What is the DME’s role in the testing process?

A... A Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider works with AAA Medical Solutions to process the paperwork necessary to deliver a pulse oximetry test to the patient. They drop off and pick up the equipment, then upload the raw data to AAA Medical Solutions. We process and validate the results that alert the physician if oxygen therapy is needed. If prescribed, the DME supplier delivers the oxygen to the patient. AAA Medical Solutions never competes with or shares the confidential information of DME providers.

Q... What is pulse oximetry?

A... Pulse oximetry measures the oxygen saturation of red blood cells in the body. In pulse oximetry, a two-sided probe transmits red and infrared light through the fingertip. The tissue between the probe absorbs the majority of the light. Sensors on the other side of the probe detect the small amount of light that makes it through the finger. This minute light reading is used to measure the oxygen saturation.

Q... What does oxygen saturation results mean?

A... A healthy person will normally have oxygen saturation between 95% and 100%. Between 90% and 95% is tolerable, but when levels drop below 89%, a patient may need oxygen treatment prevent serious medical complications.

Q... Who is NPF and what is their role in the testing process?

A... NPF, Inc. provides the software technology that enables DMEs to transmit Oximetry data to us through a secure internet connection. NPF also provides a web-based software program to the DME called “NPF Connect”, which allows the DME’s to see their reports, track referrals, stay informed in the process and generate future business.