Patient Support - Get Tested


STEP 1: Know your symptoms. If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, see your physician. Prior to your visit, write down your symptoms, and prescreen yourself for signs of sleep apnea on our Epworth Sleepiness Scale calculator. When speaking with your doctor, discuss your symptoms and score.

STEP 2: Get tested. Your doctor will determine if you need a pulse oximetry test or a home sleep study to diagnose your condition. Your physician will order the test through us, though the distribution of the equipment varies depending on which method he or she prescribes.

STEP 3: Get the oxygen therapy you need. We work with Medicare, private insurance providers and DME suppliers to ensure all regulatory steps are followed to get you the oxygen you need to improve your health.

Learn more about how to get tested for pulse oximetery and how to get tested for home sleep studies.