Patient Support


When your physician wants to determine if you need supplemental oxygen, AAA Medical Solutions aids in your diagnostic process. Understand what we offer in pulse oximetry testing and home sleep studies.

Pulse Oximetry In Brief:

Pulse oximetry measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood using a portable, non-invasive medical device that can attach on the finger. A saturation of 95% or more is generally considered normal. Any measurement below 90% could quickly lead to life-threatening complications. AAA Medical Solutions works with your DME provider and physician to complete and process the test.

Sleep Apnea In Brief:

If a patient frequently stops breathing during sleep, this is known as sleep apnea, a harmful condition that deprives the body of oxygen and disrupts healthy sleep patterns. AAA Medical Solutions offers home sleep studies that can accurately diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea in a compact, easy-to-use kit. Your physician orders the home sleep study through us, and we send you the kit, the paperwork and everything else you need to know. You then return the equipment to us, and we interpret the results to get you the help you need.

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