Sleep Studies


Sleep apnea occurs when a patient stops breathing during sleep, a dangerous condition that decreases oxygen levels in the blood and disrupts normal sleep patterns. Sleep apnea is at the root of a host of disorders, ranging from the mildly disruptive, like drowsiness, to catastrophic events like heart failure. Patients can use our quick Epworth Sleepiness Scale calculator to prescreen for signs of sleep apnea.

In years past, physicians had to send patients to a certified overnight sleep lab to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. Recent advances in technology and portability now allow patients to self-administer sleep studies at home—with equally accurate diagnostic results if performed properly. As a Medicare-approved independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF), AAA Medical Solutions makes the entire home sleep study process a seamless experience for all parties involved. Patients and physicians can be confident that testing is performed accurately and sleep study results are quickly reviewed by a skilled, board-certified sleep specialist.

AAA Medical Solutions helps physicians quickly and easily order a home sleep study with our online form. Once a physician has completed the order form, We then deliver the test kit to you with all necessary information and paperwork included. After equipment is returned, we process and interpret the results for your doctor.

Learn more about sleep apnea, how home sleep studies work, and how to get tested.